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The 12th Edition of WATMAN 2018 International Conference is the India’s leading conference for business development in Water & Wastewater Management Systems scheduled on 9th & 10th February 2018. From engaging newcomers in the water industry, to providing in-depth information to the companies’ world-over, the WATMAN International Conference is a destination that provides the latest and trending happenings in the water and wastewater treatment industry under one roof.


WATMAN International Conference offers a podium for industry professionals and academics to address the crucial topics relevant in the water and wastewater industry. Over the years, the exemplary panel of the conference has ensured strict scientific regimen, paving way for a rewarding experience in entirety. After brainstorming over the water and wastewater industry, and keeping in mind trending ideas, the conference theme is decided, and varies every year.


Clean water is an essential resource for people and their environments throughout the world. Those who provide effective solutions for wastewater treatment play a major role in returning clean, safe water back to its source. The increasing water scarcity caused by the gap between supply and demand for water is forcing the world to understand that water management is no longer an operational matter, but rather an optimal manner. Water resources are under pressure from continuing population growth and urbanisation, rapid industralisation, and expanding and intensifying food production, particularly in developing countries and in urban areas. Urban populations may nearly double from current 3.4 billion to 6.4 billion by 2050.

There are huge potentials for the water and wastewater treatment plants across developing countries. Advanced technologies, plant upgrades and new wastewater treatment plants will be required to meet new demands, creating opportunities for local and international players. Besides, World’s water resource will not change but the amount of wastewater produced is increasing, and the infrastructure and management systems are not adequate for this increasing volume. Managing wastewater is intrinsically linked to management of the entire water chain. It is essential that wastewater management is considered as part of integrated, ecosystem-based management that operates across sectors and borders, freshwater and marine.

Considering the current scenarios and challenges, the theme for the 12th Edition of WATMAN 2018 has been derived to ADVANCES IN WATER & WASTEWATER TREATMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.” The sessions at the conference are planned in view of its impact on the industry and the need of the hour. The paper presentations at the conference, so far, have always been imperatively focused and delved deep into technicality and practice.


This year, the theme of the WATMAN 2018 International conference is Advances In Water & Wastewater Treatment for Sustainable Future”. WATMAN Conference Committee welcomes papers on the below mentioned conference topics:

1. Membrane-Based ZLD For Industrial Use: Myth Versus Reality?
2. Challenges in the ZLD systems – Sustainable Alternative Options
3. Solar & Algal Based Water Technologies
4. RO Based Industrial Wastewater Purification System
5. Innovative Technologies & Solutions for the Monitoring and Treatment of Emerging
Contaminants in Water and Wastewater
6. Integrated Water Management & Planning for Wastewater to Energy / Waste to Wheel.
7. Life Cycle Analysis & Cost-Benefit Analysis of Membranes and Treatment Plants
8. Circular economy - Recovery of water, energy and nutrients
9. Evolution of Desalination to A Viable Alternative Water Supply
10. Decentralized water recycling possibilities
11. Challenges in handling the Membrane in Water Treatment

Presenters will highlight case studies on how utilities are implementing the treatment  technologies, what are the limitations and challenges and how it was addressed.

Join the conference to discuss the future of the Water & Wastewater Management Systems at WATMAN 2018 International Conference!

Enjoy collaborative panel discussions with some of the most top qualified speakers in the industry!