Water Conclave

Focus & Objective

A one-day event with industry stalwarts, OEMs, large end-user companies and policymakers for relationship-building and interactions.  The Water Conclave will be a very good opportunity to network with distinguished guests from industry, large-end-user industry, government officials and academicians. 

The highlight of the event will be insightful discussions with several thought leaders and industry practitioners looking at the business scenario, and sustainable water & wastewater treatment solutions while also preparing to move into the future markets. 
Networking Opportunities: The conclave will provide a platform to interact with industry experts, potential partners, suppliers, and customers. Networking can lead to valuable collaborations and partnerships that may not have been possible otherwise.
Government and Industry Interaction: The Water Conclave will predominantly attract local government representatives, policymakers, and industry leaders. Engaging with these stakeholders can lead to discussions about policy changes, incentives, and support for the water & wastewater treatment industry.
Market Insights: You can gain valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the water sector. Staying informed about your end-user industry can help you make better decisions and adapt your strategies accordingly. 
Lead Generation: Engaging with visitors at the expo can lead to potential leads and business opportunities. Meanwhile, the Conclave will help in understanding client issues and challenges from interested parties which can help you follow up after the event and convert prospects into customers at the expo.
Brand Building: Stand out from the crowd and increase your brand's visibility among key players in the water & wastewater treatment industry

Conclave Cities 

MonthCity 1City 2
Oct ‘23Tirupur
Nov ’23Bengaluru

Dec'23Belgaum Hyderabad
Feb ‘24Hosur Sriperumbudur

For more information contact us: info@watertoday.org

Exhibitor Eligibility Criteria & Deliverables

24 – 36: Standee (2nos) at Conclave venue

37 – 48: Brochure distribution at Conclave venue

49 – 60: Table size booth space

61 – 80: one-on-one Meeting + Table size booth space

81 – 100 Presentation + Table size booth space

More than 101 sqm – Keynote presentation+ Stage Branding+ Table size booth space

To proceed with the conclave participation, we kindly request the following information:

1.  Confirmation of your decision to proceed with the larger booth space.

2.  Preferred dimensions and location of the booth space (if specific preferences exist).

3.  An advance payment of 50%