WATMAN Conference

We are glad to inform you that WATMAN International Conference on Water & Wastewater Management Systems will be held on 29th February & 1st March 2024. WATMAN International Conference will focus on the various aspects of Integrated Water Resource Management covering Zero Liquid discharge, 3Rs, Non Revenue Water, Water Transportation, Industrial Wastewater Management, Sludge Management, Efficient Water Management etc. in a critical operation plant. ro plant manufacturers in chennai, sewage treatment plant manufacturers in chennai

WATMAN International Conference will provide an ideal platform for the water professionals from various industries, academia and research institutions to meet and create the Crucial awareness on the Water & Wastewater Management Systems.

Key Factors

  • Two full days of high-quality talks from industry-leading professionals and practitioners
  • A rich diversity of over 100 wastewater sector attendees
  • Ample networking opportunities for exchange of news and ideas, and building relationships
  • An exhibition hall showcasing the latest technologies and wastewater services
  • A display of novel research in the poster hall by research students & young professionals’ Poster Competition

Submit Abstract

WATMAN International Conference invites authors to Submit Abstracts for technical paper presentation on the theme topics for Oral Presentation/ Poster Paper latest by Jan 20, 2024.  Abstracts will be evaluated based on relevance, uniqueness/ originality, technical content, and clarity. The abstract should be submitted as per the guidelines (300 words) to info@watertoday.org / editor@watertoday.org

To ensure a wider participation, Poster Sessions will be held along with the oral presentations. Authors desirous of presenting their papers in the poster session may indicate their preference while submitting the abstract.

Guidelines For Abstract Submission

Title             :    Arial - 14 Font, Bold
Author         :    Arial - 14 Font, Bold
Affiliations  :    Arial - 11 Font, Bold, Italic
Abstract      :    Arial - 12 Font, 500 -600 words
Keywords   :    Arial - 11 Font, Bold, Italic,
                          3-4 max. Number of keywords
Join the conference to discuss the future of the Water & Wastewater Management Systems at WATMAN 2024 International Conference! Enjoy collaborative panel discussions with some of the most top qualified speakers in the industry!

For more details write to us info@watertoday.org / editor@watertoday.org